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  • What is Law?

    The system of rules which a particular country or community recognises as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by the imposition of penalties.


  • What is an Act?

    A change of a person's legal rights, obligations, or liabilities (as in the acquisition of a right or exemption from a liability) arising from the legal effect of some event such as bankruptcy.


  • What is a Regulation?

    Rules and administrative codes issued by governmental agencies at all levels, municipal, provincial and state. Although they are not laws, regulations have the force of law, since they are adopted under authority granted by statutes, and often include penalties for violations.


  • What law is available?

    Data Dynamics publishes legal instruments for business, commerce and industry to enable successful compliance. We do not publish the entire Statute. (See Here)
  • What is Compliance?

    Compliance can be defined to mean the process by which an organisation ensures that it observes and complies with the external statutory laws and regulations.

    (Lee's Compliance)

  • Why should I upgrade to digital from paper?

    Whilst paper copies may be convenient to access, digital form of law is much more useful in today’s office environment with access, searching, updating and cost.
  • Is my information up-to-date?

    Data Dynamics publishes from the Government Printer’s issue on a daily basis and lists this work in a weekly Law Update report. Our online product is “always up to date” and our installed products receive automatic silent updates when connected to the internet. (No more CD’s to load or lose in the Post.)
  • How can I check if the law that I am reading on my device is up-to-date?

    The Insight law browser installed on a PC has a Version Report tool which shows the state of the law library. Intranet versions have a Library Report tile for this information.
  • Are Forms and Tables provided?

    Forms and complex tables are provided in PDF format which are available for download from the portal page with login credentials.
  • What exactly is the “Annual Maintenance Agreement”?

    To facilitate Admin and accounts, Data Dynamics enters into an annual service agreement to update the selected company law library as a single invoice per annum. Software and support are provided within this service for free.
  • How do I know when changes have been made to my selected law library?

    Registered customers receive a weekly Law Update Report via email. Changes to laws updated from Government Gazette information (under license) are listed in the Law Update Index on the portal page for all to view. Update detail is provided to registered customers.
  • How do I sign up for this service?

    Simply give us a call or send us an email and we will assist to get law “under your fingertip.”
  • How often do I pay for this service?

    Once a year.
  • Can I use this product to set up a Legal Register?

    Each page in a law document may be shared as a link with a Microsoft product like Excel.
  • Can I benefit from referring another company that needs this service?

    Certainly. Data Dynamics has a value share option – ask us for details.
  • What do I get when I sign up for a law library service?

    A company account is registered with access to an ‘installed’ option to a PC, LAN or Intranet and includes an online access feature. Pure online access may be selected as an option.
  • What is Insight?

    A document browser software tool that facilitates reading and researching law documents in the selected company law library.
  • Can I have this service on my company network?

    Yes. We will upgrade a PC version to a company network at 30% additional cost only! The benefit is that all staff get access – which is a very cost effective way of equipping the legal compliance stakeholders.
  • Can anyone signup for the Law Update Report?

    Yes – simply sign up for this report on the portal page.
  • Can I have the Online version only?

    Yes. This makes it possible to dial up the law library on a Smartphone or Tablet.
  • Will Insight support the management of a Legal Register?

    Yes. There are some options. Page links are available for population to a 3rd party product like Excel.
    News: We are busy building DLex – legal register Editor. This is a cloud based software tool that will allow bespoke creation and link tools with automatic auditing features. To be announced 2016.