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With over 600 law titles, Data Dynamics is leading publisher of national, provincial and municipal legislation is South Africa.

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Legal Registers

DLEX, our "do-it-yourself" legal compliance platform provides you with all the tools to create & maintain your statement of compliance.

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Your spreadsheet just became legal! Evaluate your legal compliance & risk using custom criteria to determine corrective or preventative measures.

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Get Started

Do you have an existing legal register? We will help you migrate your registers into DLEX and provide training on how to complete and maintain them.

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Legal Compliance Platform

Research, extract and annotate law. Create legal registers. Perform compliance & risk assessments. All in one place!

Law Library

Get access to a comprehensive library of legislation spanning local, provincial, national and African law that is always up-to-date.


Assess your registers by various custom criteria and formulae that include: evaluating compliance and determining significance.

DLEX Dashboard

Build an OHS or environmental legal register or create an aspect impact register linking relevant legislation directly from your library.


Generate and print detailed reports that include, but are not limited to: your current library, compliance or risk status.


Data Dynamics is a leading publisher of digital law in South African for over 25 years

Data Dynamics

Our Mission

Providing the most accessible, accurate and up-to-date digital law to South Africa's companies has been the bedrock of our philosophy since 1998 when we published our first digital act, OHS.

We now publish over 600 law titles spanning national, provincial and municipal acts, regulations, ordinances and by-laws. A growing African SHEQ library is also available for those who operate abroad.

DLEX, is the evolution of our mission to provide the best legal compliance platform on the market. Not only is DLEX a powerful vehicle to view, research, annotate and extract excerpts from your law library, it also includes all the necessary tools to easily create, manage and maintain your own legal registers.

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DLEX - Law Library

The DLEX Advantage

Take control of your company's commitment to compliance with our legal compliance platform.

Data Dynamics

What is DLEX?

DLEX puts the power in your hands by providing you with a comprehensive legal compliance platform for managing the laws and regulations that govern your company's operations. Armed with all the necessary tools to create a statement of compliance and ensure continued commitment.

DLEX is part of a continual improvement process as defined in popular standards. It simplifies this process by allowing you to organise your company's applicable legal and other requirements in one knowledge base that can be monitored and assessed by various criteria that include; evaluating compliance and determining significance.

DLEX Process
Data Dynamics

Why use DLEX?

Compiling a register that accurately reflects your company's operations requires knowledge that only you possess. Third parties lack this 'insider' insight and thus cannot provide a solution that identifies all the applicable legal responsibilities with which you must comply.

The ever-changing legal landscape demands a system like DLEX that provides updates and notifications timeously so that corrective and preventative measures can be implemented. The costly periodic updates provided by other solutions are too infrequent and expose your company to litigation risk.

Staying Informed

How DLEX and a Data Dynamics Legal Library will help you.

Data Dynamics

Notifications & Comparisons

DLEX provides you with a comprehensive system for monitoring your company's legal obligations. As soon as law is amended, DLEX will provide you with clear notifications of the affected law extracts used in your legal register and a side-by-side comparison showing the 'old vs new' legislation.

The benefits are invaluable. Being constantly made aware of law changes and where your legal register and business operations are impacted, will maximize your ability to show compliance, while allowing you to react quickly in areas where action may be required.


Saving Costs

Some of the cost benefits afforded to you by using DLEX.

Data Dynamics

Automatic & Timeous Updates

Law changes happen every day. Legal registers based on such laws will invariably be out-of-date within the quarter that they are printed. Without a system that automatically responds to law updates, there will undoubtedly be large amounts of billable hours incurred to periodically refresh the registers by third parties. By updating the register in-house such costs are virtually eliminated.

The timeous response to legal amendments affords the company the ability to align with developing requirements swiftly, and thus reduce the risk to the employees and the legal costs associated with non-compliance.

Assessing Risk & Compliance

Tools to assess and monitor your company's compliance and risk status.


Compliance & Risk

Assessing is not only critical to determining new obligations that pose a significant risk to your company, but also monitoring compliance with your existing legal and other requirements.

The DLEX Assessment Manager provides you with the facility to visually identify the significant topics within your register utilising custom criteria and formulae.

Frequent self-assessments are vital for establishing, implementing and maintaining measures to ensure the company's continued alignment with its obligations.


Getting Started

Do it yourself or let us give you a helping hand.


Register Wizard

DLEX makes it simple to get started. Start from scratch by creating topics that represent the processes and resources that define your operations and link the relevant legislation and regulations directly from the law library using legal extracts.

Alternatively, you could start by creating a register based off one of your company's templates or ours and fast track the process.


Migration & Training

As part of our on-boarding process we provide the service of migrating your existing registers into DLEX to contextualize the included training so that you can easily complete & maintain your own registers.

Our personalized online training sessions will guide you through the process of creating a register, monitoring it for changes and periodically assessing its contents.

Other Powerful Features

More key benefits worth highlighting that makes DLEX the leading legal compliance platform.

Law Browser

Law Updates Report

A weekly law updates report that links directly to your law library is sent out to notify you of all changes that have been published during the week that affect the legislation you subscribe to.

Law Browser

Index & Context Search

Every page of our law documents are indexed for unique words. Easily traverse legislation using the word index or use the context search for more advanced search criteria.


Security & Privacy

Many security measures have been taken in DLEX to ensure that all of your company's information remains confidential, safe and secure during all levels of transmission and storage.


Comparison Mode

We not only publish law updates the moment they are promulgated, we also provide a side-by-side comparison of the 'old vs new' legislation so corrective or preventative measures can easily be determined.

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Continual Improvement Process

DLEX subscribes to the following steps as part of a company's ongoing compliance strategy.

Identity Obligations

Determine legal and other requirements that are relevant to the company's operations.

Learn more Step 1:
Determine Significance

Translate identified obligations into their impacts on the organisation.

Learn more Step 2:
Evaluate Compliance

Periodically evaluate compliance with legal and other requirements associated with operations and keep records of those results.

Learn more Step 3:
Implement Control Measures

Define necessary control measures and translated them into actions and responsibilities to ensure compliance.

Learn more Step 4:
Review & Monitor

Periodically analyse the company's alignment with developing requirements and the validation of control measures.

Learn more Step 5:

What our users are saying

"The ability to link law directly from your library into your register and freely navigate between the two contexts is invaluable. Not only do you get notified immediately of all law updates that are promulgated, you get a side-by-side comparison of the changes so that an informed decision can be made about your current compliance and risk status."

03.04.2020 - Arnold S

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