South African and African Law Library - Law access redefined

Data Dynamics is a leading provider of digital law in South Africa.

We offer over 600 law titles spanning National, Provincial and Municipal levels. In addition to our comprehensive acts, regulations, ordinances and bylaws, a growing African SHEQ library is also available.

Our titles include: Agriculture, Aviation, Business, Environmental, Health & Safety, Labour, Maritime, Mining, Transport and more.

We offer an extensive law library available on four powerful platforms (Network, PC, Online and Intranet) depending on your individual or company's requirements.

With all subscriptions, regardless of which platform you choose, you will be given free access to our online browser!

Updates are compiled weekly by our skilled editors. You can be assured you'll always have the latest compiled law hot off the press.

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Why consider us?

Some key benefits worth highlighting:

  • With every subscription you get the access to Insight Online for FREE
  • A customizable law library with your choice of four powerful platforms
  • Updates compiled weekly by our editors.
  • A Weekly Newsletter is published to inform you of all the latest changes to your library

Put those law books away!

The benefits of a Data dynamics digital law library over those antiquated books is unquestionable:

  • You are always viewing the law with the latest amendments applied
  • Powerful search and word index facilities are at your disposal
  • Effortless update tracking
  • Before-and-after comparison of applied amendments

Compiled Law

Our law titles are assembled as compiled products where the format is as a book. We insert the necessary updates into the text so the document will read logically and chronologically.

Each title has a release number which identifies what status of update is being viewed and can be compared with our Update Register.

The result - Law that is easy to find, read and comply with.

Print On Demand - Convenience without impacting the environment

Compliance is easy if the correct data is available to make decisions with.

This product compliments your existing installed and online law library with complete, time-stamped pdf copies of your required law.

No more paper books to handle – Just drop your chosen law document on your desktop and full reference is a click away.

Do away with expensive paper versions.

Our green solution for manual copies of law is a Print on Demand law offering in ‘Smart’ PDF format.

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Insight Law Browsers - Access your law from anywhere

Available for PC, LAN, Intranet and Online, Insight is the premium platform for all your document-browsing needs.

The online platform allows you access to your law library from any desktop with internet.

With all the power you've come to expect from our law browsers, you can rely on Insight to always keep you informed and up-to-date with the most current legislation. Whether at home, abroad, or at the office, your reference tool will always be close at hand.

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Comparison mode

Another time saver requested by our clients. We now provide for the side-by-side comparison view of specific updates made to the law. We use the notice number of the change as the reference when researching updates. This new page will have the notice number highlighted and then show the old version of that page when comparison view is selected.

Now it is easy to make decisions of how your legal register may be adjusted with insight. The feature is only available from late 2013 onwards.

- Technology at work -

Word Index

This is a useful feature not used often - until now! Every page of our documents is indexed for unique words, characters and numerals and can be seen within the Word Index. Solutions to whether an Act deals with a particular subject is therefore a three step process:

Select the Word Index tool, pick the first letter of the word and select the view option. An indexed list of all occurrences of this word in the search-range will be listed in a frame to choose from.

The scope of the index may be changed from document to page to locate word on page.

Context Search

Excerpts are extracted from the content pertaining to your search criteria allowing you to scan for context relevance. This negates the need to browse to each search entry to verify its relevance and thus results in a more 'Google-like' experience which we have all learned to appreciate.

Insync Updater - Always up-to-date. Imagine Insync

Silent, secure, reliable. Use Insync and you will always be up-to-date.

Clients that select the popular network or Intranet version of Insight v2 for security reasons had the task in the past of managing the placement of new files when updates to the law occur. A tedious task easily forgotten. Not so anymore!

Data Dynamics has innovated once again with a system that will automate this task in a safe manner. Our new Insync Updater code is ready to take over and execute this most important task seamlessly. Each document has a release number and when the number mismatches our Update report, a warning is issued.

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Secure and reliable

Many measures have been enforced to ensure security across different domains and the following facets have been addressed:

  • Maintaining confidentiality of communication between client and service
  • Prevention of tampering or corruption of messages
  • Ensuring verifiable delivery of messages
  • Preventing impersonation of services

Silent but effective

Insync runs quietly in the background keeping your law and applications up-to-date without you even knowing it's there.

Aways up-to-date

Our Insight Online is updated weekly with the latest information from the Government Gazette and issued on our Update newsletter, followed by a monthly Digest summary. Insight PC/LAN and Intranet, as installed secure versions, required manual updating with disks... but no more!

With our Insync update technology employed to your server, updates become silent in a secure manner. This process is reliable and requires no resources.