Who are we?

Data Dynamics has provided digital legislation to South African companies since 1998

What do we do?

Data Dynamics provides digital legislation and legal software solutions for businesses in South Africa and some African countries.

The Data Dynamics legal Library covers National, Provincial and Local legislation primarily and is focused on business operations.

Our company produces and supplies legislation data information to industry and commerce - a service based on client demand.

The Legal Library is available online and is optimised for internet application. Our digital legislation service offers a simple and easy way to stay up to date. The customer choice of legislation is provided as licensed company legislation library in an annual subscription.

To achieve managed compliance and risk awareness - Data Dynamics provides software that assists in the drafting of Legal Registers. The aim is to make compliance easy and a dynamic process.

Our Services

Our services are focused on client satisfaction.

Our products are easy to use with information support for application success.

We assist our users to identify compliance risk.

Our digitization service is direct from the Government Gazette publications.

As engineering enthusiasts, our tools remain innovative and accurate.