Company Profile - Who are we?

Data Dynamics - a division of Free Fly Marketing CC, has provided quality legal publishing products, service, and application technology to industry throughout South Africa since 1989.

Data Dynamics’ Insight Legal Library specialises in National, Provincial and Local Legislation, International Conventions, Green & White Papers and current Bills & Drafts. Insight law browser offers a simple and easy way to stay up to date, providing confidence that any vital new law that affects the organization will not be missed. The Legal Library is available online as well as for PC, Network, Intranet, Tablet or Smartphone application.

Our company is focused on producing and supplying quality legislation data assets to industry and commerce, a service based on client demand. We provide reliable quality government legislation complete with regulations, but also support our clients in producing manuals, training documents and reference works. Established under the banner of Legal Document Publisher in digital format, Data Dynamics is now widely used in industry for smart access legislation making use of our latest Document Browser - Insight.


Data Dynamics is focused on servicing clients with up-to-date quality legislation available within days after being published by Government Gazette and made available on our web server. We offer our client base the opportunity to request and obtain specialised information that they may require which is out-of-print or not normally published. Specialised subject libraries, such as maritime or environmental compilations are kept current by our editing team and can be seen in our product listings.

Our aim is to maintain a service support centre for any client wanting to be supplied with the current legislation.


Our vision is to strive to adapt the service we provide where ever possible to satisfy client requirements and expectations. We want to present the client with innovative ways to comply with and present applicable government statutory and regulatory requirements with ease on various devices with different applications.

Our vision for Data Dynamics is to be the company that will provide a reliable support service to our clients

- whether they are innovative software tools to solve business problems or data-bases of quality information for Windows or the Intranet / Internet platforms.

We will strive to develop and expand the relationships we have with our customers and other businesses alike by continuing to do the right thing. We want to expand our partnerships with organisations in industry / commerce, as we believe anyone can achieve compliance objectives with the support of our products and our capable technical team at Data Dynamics.

Quality Policy

Quality is essential — in our products and services, our workplace and in our people.

Data Dynamics is constantly striving to improve customer satisfaction with innovative application services for affordable, up to date compiled law service relevant to the ever changing legal, technical and economic environment. Openly communicating our objectives keeps our customers informed of all upcoming changes and plans. Being committed at all levels to meet customer requirements, increasing customer satisfaction and goodwill, Data Dynamics is constantly reviewing new ways to improve our products, services and to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.


We are not the biggest - but our continual goal is to be the best. Our customer service centre is with you for whatever you need. From product upgrade, to one-on-one technical advice we strive to provide the client with competitive advantage to stay ahead in the legal compliance game.


Data Dynamics will always acknowledge and assume responsibility for actions, products, decisions, and policies. We apply this to both individual accountability on the part of employees and accountability of the company as a whole.

Our Company

Safety and Trust

Data Dynamics hopes to instil a sense of safety in clients, they should feel confident that what they are receiving is what we promised and more. The support we offer is clear cut and can be customised to fit our client’s needs. We strive to provide a pleasant and safe work environment. We want to ensure that employees can continue to learn, acquire new skills, and through communication and training give each the opportunity to present concerns and ideas so that they feel part of the dynamic team to strive to improve output overall.


Data Dynamics strives to be fair in all aspects of the business. By fair trading with clients, encourages clients to renew their contracts and possibly increase the size their Law Library. Employees are given fair consideration regarding time off, mistakes and training periods.


The company constantly strives to improve customer satisfaction, by continuously attempting to upgrade operational efficiency and the productivity of everyone in the organization. Innovation is a core value and helps the company grow in the face of ever-increasing competition so that we can take advantage of emerging opportunities before competitors do.

What do we do? - Data Dynamics is a compliance service provider

Having successfully published up-to-date law for business and industry for the past two decades - our team is known for good customer support. Each law library serviced for a client makes pure joy for our team. Now we are adding focus to our efforts to provide standard services to customers. Up-to-date law with professionally-edited text makes data interaction easy. Our software is styled to save the business manager time and effort in achieving compliance successfully. Our attention is focused on providing technical solutions to law libraries to not only offer insight to compliance, but also to make the task cost-effective.

Our aim is to add tools to streamline standardisation with cost-saving.

As technology change demands new ways of solving problems, Data Dynamics has thrived on developing new data browsing methods. We are capable of writing the prerequisite software in-house to offer such methods.

By looking at ways to improve the user experience when reading legislation, our focus remains on providing the best in document-browsing technology.

New document standards demand we move to XML standard to provide for the correct styling of data. Our editors have converted to this new technology and can assist clients achieve seamless data integration, where data transfer by copy-and-paste should not provide styling-quality problems when creating new client-standard documents, be it legal or instruction guides.

On the horizon - Projects in the pipeline

New Data Project

Our latest addition to the law profile for business is our African law library where we plan to list 12 of the SADC nations' law that will provide support to Safety, Health, Environment and Quality compliance effort. Our focus will remain on SHEQ-related law until we have completed all 12 selected countries' data.

We will then add other African countries with similar focus. Thereafter new statutory instruments will be added as demand is established.

The value of local law for compliance management or international information for projects outside our borders can be seen as large risk-saving assets.

New design on the drawing board

To assist in closing the divide between providing the correct law and the writing of performance standards for compliance, Data Dynamics is on the innovation path. We are working on an editor that will allow any manager the opportunity to create a succinct list of selected law along with matched instructions, thereby editing a legal register of compliance. Our aim is to make compliance easy and the statutory requirement a dynamic process. So we are creating DLex - dynamic law!

This will live-link law to any prerequisite standard such as ISO 14000 along with management instruction. Thereby, self-auditing will be possible when the law changes. We are aiming at providing this new tool as a feature of the Insight document browsers. Another company asset brought in-house and a good cost-saving opportunity.