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10 March 2017

Law Updates Report

Issue 87

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National Forests Act and Regulations (84/1998)

The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has declared a list of natural forest types set out in a schedule, as natural forests.

Notice 167 of 2017

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R.181 of 2017  (G.G.40660 - 03 March 2017)

Animal Identification Act and Regulations (6/2002)

Amendment to Regulations

R.206 of 2017  (G.G.40669 - 08 March 2017)

Dental Technicians Act and Regulations (19/1979)

Regulations relating to the Registration of Dental Laboratories and Related Matters: Amendment

R.126 of 2017  (G.G.40621 - 17 February 2017)

Electronic Communications Act (36/2005)

ICASA Premium Rated Services Code of Conduct Regulations

Notice 167 of 2017  (G.G.40660 - 03 March 2017)

National Forests Act and Regulations (84/1998)

Declaration of a List of National Forest Types as Natural Forests

BN.15 of 2017  (G.G.40660 - 03 March 2017)

Natural Scientific Professions Act (27/2003)

Recommended Consultation Fees

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R.202 of 2017  (G.G.40664 - 03 March 2017)

National Water Act and Regulations (36/1998)

Invitation to Submit Written Comments on the Proposed Zalu Dam and the Environmental Impact Assessment Relating Thereto

Comment by: 30 June 2017

Notice 183 of 2017  (G.G.40662 - 02 March 2017)

South African Maritime Safety Authority Act and Regulations (5/1998)

Draft Comprehensive Maritime Transport Policy (CMTP), 2017

Comment by: 23 March 2017

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