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13 January 2017

Law Updates Report

Issue 79

Keeping you informed of latest developments to law you care about.

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Welcome to 2017 Law Updates

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We greet all our LUR users to a new year. The purpose of this newsletter is to alert all our customers with the law changes to any titles in our catalogue that were published in the Government Gazette for each week.

Should any user only wish to receive notifications of law in their personal or company law library, please select the option on the bottom of this mail to set this preference.

We look forward to a productive 2017.

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– Recently Published Updates –

Gazetted amendments applied to the Acts we publish.

Notice 1 of 2017  (G.G.40537 - 06 January 2017)

Agricultural Products Standards Act and Regulations (119/1990)

Inspection Fees

R.1599 of 2016  (G.G.40517 - 21 December 2016)

Competition Act (89/1998)

Notice for Designation of the Petroleum Industry in terms of the Act

R.1581 of 2016  (G.G.40515 - 23 December 2016)

Defence Act and Regulations (42/2002)

Regulations for the Reserve Force Council, 2016

R.1557 of 2016  (G.G.40494 - 14 December 2016)

Electricity Regulation Act (4/2006)

Determination under Section 34(1) of the Act

R.1559 of 2016  (G.G.40496 - 15 December 2016)

Medical Schemes Act and Regulations (131/1998)

Adjustment to Fees Payable to Brokers

LA.147 of 2016  (G.G.7685 - 30 August 2016)

Moses Kotane Local Municipality

National Environmental Management Act (107/1998): Moses Kotane Local Municipality: Environmental By-law

R.1602 of 2016  (G.G.40521 - 23 December 2016)

National Forests Act and Regulations (84/1998)

Notice of the List of Protected Tree Species under the National Forests Act, 1998

R.63 of 2016  (G.G.40496 - 15 December 2016)

Public Service Act and Regulations (Proclamation 103/1994)

Amendment of Schedule 2 to the Public Service Act, 1994: Limpopo

R.1603 of 2016  (G.G.40523 - 28 December 2016)

Road Traffic Management Corporation Act (20/1999)

Increase of Transactions Fees to be Paid to the Road Traffic Management Corporation

R.1570 of 2016  (G.G.40505 - 15 December 2016)

Skills Development Act and Regulations (97/1998)

Establishment Alternatively Re-establishment of SETAs

R.1571 of 2016  (G.G.40505 - 15 December 2016)

Skills Development Act and Regulations (97/1998)

Extension of the National Skills Development Strategy for a Period of Two Years

R.1598 of 2016  (G.G.40516 - 23 December 2016)

Tax Administration Act (28/2011)

Regulations for Purposes of Paragraph (b) of the Definition of "International Tax Standard" in Section 1 of the Tax Administration Act

PN.425 of 2016  (G.G.7708 - 02 December 2016)

Western Cape Provincial Acts and Ordinances

Nature and Environmental Conservation Ordinance 19 of 1974: Hunting season, daily bag limits and hunting by the use of prohibited hunting methods, 2017

– Pending Legislation –

Pending legislation due on the specified commencement date.

— No new legislation to note this week —

– Proposed Legislation –

Proposed legislation recently published and open for comment.

Notice 948 of 2016  (G.G.40515 - 23 December 2016)

Department of Energy

Draft Post - 2015 National Energy Efficiency Strategy

Comment by: 22 January 2017

R.10 of 2017  (G.G.40539 - 04 January 2017)

National Health Act and Regulations (61/2003)

Norms and Standards Regulations Applicable to Different Categories of Health Establishments

Comment by: 04 April 2017

R.1584_of 2016  (G.G.40515 - 23 December 2016)

Pension Funds Act and Regulations (24/1956)

Amendments to the Regulations Issued in terms of Section 36 of the Pension Funds Act, 1956

Date to be determined

BN.194 of 2016  (G.G.40522 - 23 December 2016)

Pharmacy Act and Regulations (53/1974)

Rules relating to Good Pharmacy Practice

Comment by: 21 March 2017

BN.196 of 2016  (G.G.40522 - 23 December 2016)

Pharmacy Act and Regulations (53/1974)

Diploma: Pharmacy Technician

Comment by: 21 March 2017

BN.198 of 2016  (G.G.40522 - 23 December 2016)

Pharmacy Act and Regulations (53/1974)

Occupational Certificate: Pharmacy Technician

Comment by: 21 March 2017

BN.192 of 2016  (G.G.40507 - 15 December 2016)

Short Term Insurance Act and Regulations (53/1998)

Proposed Replacement of the Policyholder Protection Rules

Comment by: 22 February 2017

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