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11 December 2015

Law Updates Report

Issue 28

Keeping you informed of latest developments to law you care about.

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Holiday Closure

We will be closing our offices on the 11th of December and we will be open again on 4th January 2016. Should any outstanding matter require our attention, please contact us before 12 pm tomorrow.

Our emergency support number during this period will be - 087 550 1870

We wish you a restful summer break.

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Gazetted amendments applied to the Acts we publish.

R.1172 of 2015  (G.G.39454 - 26 November 2015)

Dental Technicians Act and Regulations (19/1979)

Notice regarding Annual Fees Payable to the Council

R.1039 of 2014  (G.G.38346 - 18 December 2014)

Employment Tax Incentive Act (26/2013)

Notice in terms of Section 14(3) of coming into Operation of Section 10 of the Act

Act 26/2013  (G.G.37185 - 18 December 2013)

Employment Tax Incentive Act (26/2013)

Employment Tax Incentive Act 26/2013

Act 43/2014  (G.G.38405 - 20 January 2015)

Employment Tax Incentive Act (26/2013)

Taxation Laws Amendment Act 43/2014

R.1170 of 2015  (G.G.39451 - 25 November 2015)

Marine Living Resources Act and Regulations (18/1998)

Correction Notice - Withdrawal and Replacement of R.1142 of 2015

– Pending Legislation –

Pending legislation due on the specified commencement date.

— No new legislation to note this week —

– Proposed Legislation –

Proposed legislation recently published and open for comment.

R.609 of 2015  (G.G.39475 - 04 December 2015)

The National Cybersecurity Policy Framework (NSPF). We publish this Policy for interest and information - as issued by State Security Department in 2012

Date to be determined

Notice 703 of 2015  (G.G.39479 - 04 December 2015)

Protected Disclosures Act (26/2000)

Publication of Explanatory Summary of the Protected DIsclosures Amendment BIll, 2015

Date to be determined

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