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17 May 2019

Law Updates Report

Issue 193

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Mine Health and Safety Act and Regulations (29/1996)

The Chief Inspector of Mines, under section 49(6) of the Mine Health and Safety Act, 1996 (Act No. 29 of 1996) and after consultation with the Council, has issued the guidance note on medico-legal investigations of mine deaths in terms of the Mine Health and Safety Act, as set out in the Schedule.

Stakeholders are advised to make full use of this document which represents the collective efforts of various stakeholders.

R.651 of 2019

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BN.74 of 2019  (G.G.42451 - 10 May 2019)

Financial Markets Act and Regulations (19/2012)

Amendments to the ZAR X (Pty) Ltd Listings Requirements

R.657 of 2019  (G.G.42454 - 10 May 2019)

Financial Sector Regulation Act and Regulations (9/2017)

Correction of General Notice 142 of 2019

R.656 of 2019  (G.G.42453 - 10 May 2019)

Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act and Regulations (54/1972)

Repeal of Regulations

R.610 of 2019  (G.G.42417 - 26 April 2019)

Land Survey Act and Regulations (8/1997)

Scale of Fees to be Charged in the Offices of the Chief Surveyor-General and the Surveyors-General for Products and Services Provided

R.651 of 2019  (G.G.42451 - 10 May 2019)

Mine Health and Safety Act and Regulations (29/1996)

Guidance Note on Medico-Legal Investigations of Mine Deaths

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Proposed legislation recently published and open for comment.

Notice 267 of 2019  (G.G.42460 - 15 May 2019)

Electoral Act and Regulations (73/1998)

List of Representatives in the National Assembly and Provincial Legislatures, in respect of the elections held on 8 May 2019

Date to be determined

R.659 of 2019  (G.G.42456 - 13 May 2019)

Gas Regulator Levies Act (75/2002)

Draft Licensing Exemption and Registration Notice

Comment by: 24 May 2019

R.660 of 2019  (G.G.42457 - 13 May 2019)

Marine Living Resources Act and Regulations (18/1998)

Invitation for comments on the proposed resource split in the traditional linefish and squid fishing sectors and proposal to classify white mussel, oysters and hake handline fishing as small-scale fishing species

Comment by: 28 June 2019

R.647 of 2019  (G.G.42451 - 10 May 2019)

National Environmental Management Act and Regulations (107/1998)

Minimum Standards for the Consideration of Environmental Aspects in the Preparation and Review of Municipal Spatial Development Frameworks (SDFs) in terms of section 23A and Section 24 (3) of the Act

Comment by: 24 June 2019

R.648 of 2019  (G.G.42451 - 10 May 2019)

National Environmental Management Act and Regulations (107/1998)

Procedures to be followed for assessment and minimum criteria for reporting of Identified Environmental Themes in terms of section 24(5)(a) and (h) of the National Environmental Act, 1998, when applying for Environmental Authorisation

Comment by: 09 June 2019

R.661 of 2019  (G.G.42459 - 15 May 2019)

National Road Traffic Act and Regulations (93/1996)

Publication of Fees for Comments

Comment by: 12 June 2019

R.655 of 2019  (G.G.42451 - 10 May 2019)

National Water Act and Regulations (36/1998)

Proposed classes of water resource and resource quality objectives for the Berg Catchment

Comment by: 09 July 2019

BN.75 of 2019  (G.G.42451 - 10 May 2019)

Pharmacy Act and Regulations (53/1974)

The South African Pharmacy Council: Rules relating to Good Pharmacy Practice

Comment by: 09 July 2019

R.654 of 2019  (G.G.42451 - 10 May 2019)

Special Economic Zones Act and Regulations (16/2014)

Amendment to the ORTIA SEZ land area and the incorporation of the Impala to the designated area for the 30 days public comments

Comment by: 09 June 2019

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