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03 May 2019

Law Updates Report

Issue 191

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Road Accident Fund Act and Regulations (56/1996)

The Road Accident Fund has announced a consumer price index (CPI)-related adjustment to the statutory limit in respect of claims for loss of income and support as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

BN.71 of 2019

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R.466 of 2019  (G.G.42332 - 25 March 2019)

Cross-Border Road Transport Act and Regulations (4/1998)

Revised Fee Adjustments, 2019

Notice 455 of 2019  (G.G.86 - 18 March 2019)

Gauteng Provincial Acts and Ordinances

Open Season: Ordinary Game

R.622 of 2019  (G.G.42429 - 30 April 2019)

National Heritage Resources Act and Regulations (25/1999)

Declaration of Sites within the Bo-Kaap National Heriage Sites

BN.71 of 2019  (G.G.42417 - 26 April 2019)

Road Accident Fund Act and Regulations (56/1996)

Adjustment of Statutory Limit in respect of Claims for Loss of Income and Loss of Support

LA.16 of 2019  (G.G.3038 - 26 April 2019)

Victor Khanye Local Municipality

Air Quality Management By-Law, 2018

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Proposed legislation recently published and open for comment.

R.600 of 2019  (G.G.42417 - 26 April 2019)

Animal Diseases Act and Regulations (35/1984)

Call for public comment with regard to African horse sickness

Comment by: 25 July 2019

Notice 244 of 2018  (G.G.42417 - 26 April 2019)

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act and Regulations (53/2003)

Codes of Good Practice on Act: Draft Chartered Accountancy (CA) Sector Code

Comment by: 25 June 2019

R.599 of 2019  (G.G.42417 - 26 April 2019)

Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act and Regulations (43/1983)

Notice of appointment of members of the Conservation Advisory Board

Date to be determined

R.635 of 2019  (G.G.42437 - 02 May 2019)

Continuing Education and Training Act and Regulations (16/2006)

Call for comments on the Draft Policy Framework to address Gender-based Violence in the Post-school Education and Training System

Comment by: 01 June 2019

R.604 of 2019  (G.G.42417 - 26 April 2019)

Electronic Communications Act and Regulations (36/2005)

Draft Consumer Advisory Panel Amendment Regulations, 2019

Comment by: 07 June 2019

Notice 257 of 2019  (G.G.42436 - 02 May 2019)

International Trade Administration Act and Regulations (71/2002)

Extension of the Policy Directive on the Exportation of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Waste and Scrap Metal.

Comment by: 16 May 2019

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