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26 April 2019

Law Updates Report

Issue 190

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Co-operatives Act and Regulations (14/2005)

The Minister of Small Business Development, in terms of section 95 of the Co-operatives Act, 2005 (Act No. 14 of 2005) as amended by Co-operatives Amendment Act (No. 6 of 2013) has issued the Co-operative Regulations and Principles of Good Governance as set out in the schedule.

R.593 of 2019

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R.586 of 2019  (G.G.42407 - 18 April 2019)

Agricultural Products Standards Act and Regulations (119/1990)

Standards and Requirements Regarding Control of the Export of Rooibos, Green Rooibos and Rooibos Mixtures: Amendment

R.520 of 2019  (G.G.42362 - 29 March 2019)

Civil Aviation Act and Regulations (13/2009)

Twentieth Amendment of the Civil Aviation Regulations, 2019

R.593 of 2019  (G.G.42408 - 18 April 2019)

Co-operatives Act and Regulations (14/2005)

Co-operatives Administrative Regulations, 2016

R.594 of 2019  (G.G.42408 - 18 April 2019)

Co-operatives Act and Regulations (14/2005)

Principles of Good Governance for Co-operatives

BN.70 of 2019  (G.G.42412 - 23 April 2019)

Financial Markets Act and Regulations (19/2012)

Approved amendments to the JSE Rules and Directives: Interest Rate and Currency (IRC) Market and Derivatives Market

R.587 of 2019  (G.G.42407 - 18 April 2019)

National Heritage Resources Act and Regulations (25/1999)

Identified types of objects that are protected, and may not be exported without a permit from the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA)

PN.56 of 2019  (G.G.8001 - 23 April 2019)

North-West Provincial Acts and Ordinances

The North West Hunting Regulations with Necessary Biodiversity Permit Administration Fees for the Year 2019

PN.49 of 2019  (G.G.2069 - 18 April 2019)

Ugu District Municipality

Water and Sanitation Services First Amendment By-Laws as amended by Council Resolution dated the 26 day of April 2018

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R.591 of 2019  (G.G.42408 - 18 April 2019)

Agricultural Products Standards Act and Regulations (119/1990)

Amendments to the Regulations relating to the Grading, Packing and Marking of Bread Wheat intended for sale in the Republic of South Africa: Invitation of public comments

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