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12 October 2018

Law Updates Report

Issue 167

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Electronic Communications Act and Regulations (36/2005)

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa ("the Authority"), has issued a notice of withdrawal in respect of the invitation to apply for a radio frequency spectrum license to provide mobile broadband wireless access services for urban and rural areas using the complimentary bands, 700 MHZ,800 MHZ and 2.6GHZ.

Notice 624 of 2018

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Notice 622 of 2018  (G.G.41963 - 08 October 2018)

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act and Regulations (53/2003)

Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA): Procedures for the Application, Administration and Allocation of Export Quotas under the Economic Partnership Agreement between the European Union and Southern African Development Community for the Year 2019

Notice 625 of 2018  (G.G.41966 - 09 October 2018)

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act and Regulations (53/2003)

Application for Market Access Permits for Agricultural Products in terms of the W.T.O. Agreement for 2019

Notice 624 of 2018  (G.G.41965 - 08 October 2018)

Electronic Communications Act and Regulations (36/2005)

Notice of withdrawal regarding the Invitation to Apply for a Radio Frequency Spectrum License to provide Mobile Broadband

BN.105 of 2018  (G.G.41955 - 05 October 2018)

Financial Markets Act and Regulations (19/2012)

Approved Amendments of the Strate Rules

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R.1029 of 2018  (G.G.41955 - 05 October 2018)

Financial Sector

Draft Financial Sector Laws Amendment Bill, 2018: Publication for Public Comment

Comment by: 07 November 2018

Notice 621 of 2018  (G.G.41962 - 08 October 2018)

Civil Aviation Act (13/2009)

Notice of intention to introduce the Civil Aviation Amendment Bill, 2018 into Parliament

Date to be determined

Notice 616 of 2018  (G.G.41955 - 05 October 2018)

Standards Act (8/2008)

Standards Matters

Date to be determined

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