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14 September 2018

Law Updates Report

Issue 163

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Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations (85/1993)

The Minister of Labour has given notice of her intention, in terms of section 43 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1993 (Act No 85 of 1993), to make the regulations in the schedule.

Interested persons who wish to comment on the draft regulations are invited to do so in writing within 90 days from the date of publication of this notice, in the prescribed format (see annexure A).

R.950 of 2018

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LA.1457 of 2018  (G.G.251 - 31 August 2018)

City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality

City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality Health By-laws Relating to the keeping of Animals, Birds and Poultry

MN.100 of 2018  (G.G.1993 - 06 September 2018)

Ethekwini Metropolitan Municipality

Film By-Law, 2018

R.588 of 2018  (G.G.41704 - 15 June 2018)

Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act and Regulations (54/1972)

Regulations relating to maximum levels of metals in foodstuffs.

Notice 536 of 2018  (G.G.41887 - 07 September 2018)

National Forests Act and Regulations (84/1998)

Notice of the list of protected tree species under the Act

R.932 of 2018  (G.G.41887 - 07 September 2018)

National Water Act and Regulations (36/1998)

Reserve Determination of Water Resources for the Olifants and Letaba Catchments

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R.944 of 2018  (G.G.41901 - 12 September 2018)

Civil Aviation Act and Regulations (13/2009)

Correction notice

Comment by: 20 October 2018

Notice 538 of 2018  (G.G.41887 - 04 September 2018)

Employment Services Act (4/2014)

Notice of the Productivity SA Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Comment by: 20 September 2018

BN.101 of 2018  (G.G.41900 - 12 September 2018)

Health Professions Act and Regulations (56/1974)

Regulations defining the scope of the Profession of Psychology

Comment by: 11 December 2018

R.943 of 2018  (G.G.41898 - 10 September 2018)

Labour Relations Act and Regulations (66/1995)

Regulations issued in terms of section 208 of the Labour Relations Act

Comment by: 28 September 2018

Notice 544 of 2018  (G.G.41887 - 04 September 2018)

Standards Act (8/2008)

Standard Matters

Date to be determined

Notice 543 of 2018  (G.G.41887 - 04 September 2018)

Tourism Act and Regulations (3/2014)

Regulations in respect of the National Tourism Information and Monitoring System

Comment by: 04 October 2018

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