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24 August 2018

Law Updates Report

Issue 160

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Mine Health and Safety Act and Regulations (29/1996)

The Acting Chief Inspector of Mines, under section 98(1) of the Mine Health and Safety Act 1996 (Act No. 29 of 1996) and after consultation with the Council, has issued the guidance note for a management and control programme for tuberculosis in the South African mining industry in terms of the Mine Health and Safety Act, as set out in the Schedule.

R.851 of 2018

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R.843 of 2018  (G.G.41839 - 17 August 2018)

Agricultural Products Standards Act and Regulations (119/1990)

Standards and Requirements Regarding Control of the Export of Kiwifruit

R.894 of 2018  (G.G.41861 - 23 August 2018)

Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act and Regulations (130/1993)

Definitions of Active Employer and Inactive Employer

MN.98 of 2018  (G.G.1988 - 23 August 2018)

KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Acts and Ordinances

Declaration of the Burman Bush Nature Reserve; The Giba Gorge Nature Reserve; The Marion Wood Nature Reserve; The New Germany Nature Reserve; The Paradise Valley Nature Reserve; Pigeon Valley Nature Reserve; The Silverglen Nature Reserve; The Springside R

R.851 of 2018  (G.G.41839 - 17 August 2018)

Mine Health and Safety Act and Regulations (29/1996)

Guidance Note for a Management and Control Programme for Tuberculosis in the South African Mining Industry

R.774 of 2018  (G.G.41798 - 27 July 2018)

Sectional Titles Act and Regulations (95/1986)

Amendment of Regulations

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R.893 of 2018  (G.G.41860 - 23 August 2018)

Civil Aviation Act and Regulations (13/2009)

Recommendation of the Civil Aviation Regulations Committee (CARCom) to amend the Civil Aviation Regulations, 2011

Comment by: 23 September 2018

Notice 492 of 2018  (G.G.41848 - 17 August 2018)

Electronic Communications Act and Regulations (36/2005)

Notice of public hearings on the draft radio frequency spectrum assignment plan for the frequency band 825 to 830 MHz and 870 to 875 MHz

Comment by: 31 August 2018

R.890 of 2018  (G.G.41856 - 22 August 2018)

Skills Development Act and Regulations (97/1998)

Call for public comments on the proposed new landscape for Sector Education and Training Authorities post 31 March 2020

Comment by: 20 September 2018

Notice 486 of 2018  (G.G.41839 - 17 August 2018)

Standards Act (8/2008)

Standards Matters: Drafts for Comments

Date to be determined

Notice 487 of 2018  (G.G.41839 - 17 August 2018)

Standards Act (8/2008)

Standards Matters: Drafts for Comments

Date to be determined

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