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06 July 2018

Law Updates Report

Issue 153

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Insurance Act (18/2017)


The Minister of Finance has signed into effect the Insurance Act (Act No. 18 of 2017). The Act aims to provide for a legal framework for the prudential regulation and supervision of insurance business in South Africa, and promotes the maintenance of a fair, safe and stable insurance market.

Act 18/2017

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Gazetted amendments applied to the Acts we publish.

BN.89 of 2018  (G.G.41738 - 29 June 2018)

Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act and Regulations (37/2002)

Form of Licence

Notice 362 of 2018  (G.G.41746 - 29 June 2018)

Financial Sector Regulation Act and Regulations (9/2017)

Publication of levy gazette for Financial Sector Conduct Authority

Act 18/2017  (G.G.41388 - 18 July 2018)

Insurance Act (18/2017)

Insurance Act 18/2017

R.639 of 2018  (G.G.41735 - 27 June 2018)

Insurance Act (18/2017)

Commencement of Insurance Act 18/2017

PN.61 of 2018  (G.G.1967 - 28 June 2018)

KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Acts and Ordinances

Declaration of areas as Nature Reserves and/or parts of existing Nature Reserves and to assign the management of such Nature Reserves to Ezzemvelo Kzn Wildlife in terms of the Act

LA.55498 of 2018  (G.G.7950 - 29 June 2018)

Theewaterskloof Municipality

By-Law relating to the Water and Sanitation Services

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Pending legislation due on the specified commencement date.

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Proposed legislation recently published and open for comment.

R.693 of 2018  (G.G.41756 - 05 July 2018)

Competition Act and Regulations (89/1998)

Introduction of Competition Amendment bill into Parliament

Date to be determined

BN.88 of 2018  (G.G.41738 - 29 June 2018)

Financial Markets Act and Regulations (19/2012)

Financial Sector Conduct Authority: Proposed Amendments to the JSE Debt Listings Requirements: Publication for comment

Comment by: 19 July 2018

Notice 361 of 2018  (G.G.41745 - 29 June 2018)

National Ports Act (12/2005)

Announcement and Invitation to Submit Proposals for the Review of the 2002 National Commercial Ports Policy and the Act

Comment by: 28 August 2018

R.655 of 2018  (G.G.41738 - 29 June 2018)

National Qualifications Framework Act (67/2008)

Request for comments on ASATA

Comment by: 28 July 2018

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