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25 August 2017

Law Updates Report

Issue 111

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Only one small update for the Occupational Health and Safety Act this week, which we captured this morning. Otherwise nothing else to report for updates from Parly this week.

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R.889 of 2017  (G.G.41065 - 25 August 2017)

Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations (85/1993)

Occupational Health and Safety Act (85/1993): Inclusion of noise monitoring by means of personal dosimetry in Regulation 7 of the Noise Induced Hearing Loss Regulations

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R.838 of 2017  (G.G.41047 - 18 August 2017)

Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act (56/2003)

Draft Amendments to Municipal Regulation on Minimum Competency Levels, 2007

Comment by: 30 September 2017

Notice 594 of 2017  (G.G.41047 - 18 August 2017)

National Forests Act and Regulations (84/1998)

Intention to Declare a Portion of the Farm Kathu 465 as Forest Nature Reserve under Section 8(1) of the Act

Comment by: 18 October 2017

R.852 of 2017  (G.G.41058 - 22 August 2017)

Skills Development Act and Regulations (97/1998)

Amendment of Regulation 14(2) of the SETA Standard Constitution Regulations

Comment by: 21 September 2017

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